About us

Practice was realized from a need to do more - to create friendships, a community, a safe space for those on a journey to grow.

Practice is our mantra. Practice is friendship. Practice is giving back with kindness. There are so many of us that are wanting to do more with our lives. As a brand, Practice creates products that embody ease, simplicity and style. We just want you to get there and if our products can help that would fulfill our wish. 

Our goal is to gather animal lovers and humanitarians alike to practice what they love. We want you to practice discovering yourself, those around you, and world we live in. Join us on our daily practice to discover a new way to live happy.

Striving for the smallest carbon footprint possible, our packaging is made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials. To reduce waste, we use mailers over boxes. Don't worry- your bag will survive the shipping trip. We donate a portion of our profits to charities that we care about. So join us in making a positive change- one bag at a time.

About the Founder

Kim Tran

We started Practice as a way to give back by doing what we love. We created a bag that helps you and the causes we care about. We want you to do what you love and look good doing it. There is no reason to compromise on function or style, and giving back is never a bad look.

After working in the fashion accessories world for over 15 years, Kim saw a way to gather friends and talent into creating something more. Not only was it important for us to do more and give back, but also make the customer feel a part of the brand. We want to hear your feedback, we want to know what you are packing or where you are going next!

Practice believes in doing what we can and focusing on what matters to us. That’s why we started with the Karma Backpack. There is so much going on in the world and we hope our products and community in charity offer a reprieve, a destination, and a reminder that we should all practice what we love.

Get there with Practice.